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Conference on Multifunctional Integrated Sensors, on 1st June at 11:00


On 1st June at 11:00, Prof. Beth Pruit (Stanford University) will hold a conference on Multifunctional Integrated Sensors, in the French-German Research Institute of Saint-Louis.

The Stanford Microsystems Lab works on custom measurements and analysis systems for small scale metrologies including scanning probe microscopy, biomechanics and mechanotransduction assays.

If you wish to attend this conference, it is required to register by sending us a message via the contact form and to present a identity card or passport at the ISL entrance.

Multifunctional Integrated Sensors

Consumer and commercial applications that connect real world inputs and outputs to the internet are emerging in applications such as smart buildings, infrastructure monitoring, and surveillance. Future sensor developments that reduce the cost, size, and power and ease the deployment of sensors will enable these emerging applications.

Most sensors used in monitoring applications today are microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) that interface with application specific integrated circuits (ASIC). One method for reducing cost, size, and power consumption of sensors in multi-parameter applications is to integrate the sensor functions onto a single sensor chip. We also seek to integrate chemical sensing with environmental parameter sensing to enable applications from battery health monitoring to air...

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«International Workshop on Active Imaging » - 18th-19th November 2015


The fifth Workshop on Active Imaging will take place on November 18 and 19, 2015 , hosted by the French-German Research Institute of Saint-Louis (ISL).

This workshop shall bring together researchers, operational staff, state representatives and industrial experts from different countries. It will enable participants to share current information and hopefully facilitate future collaborations.

Active-imaging systems, i.e. systems that employ an illumination source, are becoming more and more prevalent. Recent progress in component technology coupled with increased processing capability, have caused a surge in the development and implementation of laser-based imaging systems for diverse military or civilian applications.

Presentations are solicited in the following areas:

operational needs (military and security aspects) modeling, simulation and data processing novel component technologies for illumination and sensor aspects demonstrations and applications of active-imaging systems advanced techniques : polarization, multiwavelength or spectral imaging, 3D imaging…

> Call for Papers "International Workshop on Active Imaging"

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Annual Report 2014


The new scientific annual report 2014 has been published recently.
In  2014, ISL celebrated 55 years of French-German research for security and defense. 55 years young  - with a strong strategic approach, a rejuvenated  research staff and a research portfolio setting its priorities to national requirements in France and Germany.

ISL research has been streamlined and  its organizational structure concentrates on four core areas:

Energetic and advanced protective materials, Flight techniques for projectiles, Laser and electromagnetic technologies, Protection technologies, security and situational awareness.

Beyond thematic focuses, multidisciplinary and synergetic, cross-cutting approaches are highly fostered and benefit from the variety of scientific disciplines co-localized at ISL.

ISL Annual Report 2014


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The French-German Research Institute of Saint-Louis is a binational research institute established by the Federal Republic of Germany and the French Republic on the basis of a treaty signed in 1958. The core mission of ISL is: "Research, scientific studies and basic predevelopment in the field of defense and security.

The classical working areas of ISL include: laser-matter interaction, laser development, detonics, perforation, protection, ballistics, the environment and protection of the soldier, acoustics, power electronics, high-power microwaves, aerodynamics and flight mechanics, optronics, sensors.

ISL has reinforced its activities on issues of civil security and countermeasures against terrorism encountered both at home and during overseas military operations.

The institute is situated in Southern Alsace near the German and Swiss borders.

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