Peter Mark Medal

The Peter Mark Medal for Outstanding Contribution to Electromagnetic Launch Technology is named in honor of the late Professor Peter Mark, whose enthusiasm, intelligence, and vision contributed to the initiation of the U.S. program on electromagnetic launch technology. The purpose of this award is to recognize an individual's continuing outstanding technical and educational contributions to electromagnetic launch technology.

The Permanent Committee selects the winner of the Peter Mark Medal.

Harry Fair Medal

The Harry Fair Medal recognizes outstanding contributions to EML technology resulting from an individual's continued leadership in developing programs of research, education, and information exchange that are the basis for progress in electromagnetic launch.

The Harry Fair Award was announced at the 15th IEEE International Symposium on EML Technology in Brussels, Belgium (May 2010) and bears the name of Dr. Harry D. Fair who has been the leading US and international proponent for this technology since 1979, having demonstrated sound leadership and management, steadfast conviction, and farsighted technical acumen. Today, the Harry Fair Award honors those individuals that share his dedication, leadership, and administrative vision for EML technology.

EEMLS student awards

The European Electromagnetic Launch Society (EEMLS) will award two prizes to young researchers. Eligible are participants of the conference who are students including PhD students. They should be principal authors and presenters of either an oral or a poster paper at the conference.

The prize committee will be formed by representatives of members of EEMLS. It will evaluate contributions of young researchers who were nominated during the conference. The prizes consist in a certificate and 500 € in cash each.

Nominations for the EEMLS student awards should contain a letter of support by the supervisor of the student explaining the contribution of the student to the work presented in the paper. Please note that only one paper per student will be accepted.

Award Nominations are to be submitted until May 1st, 2018 by using the Award Submission Form.

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