Conference Proceedings

Once authors have been notified that their abstract is accepted for presentation at EML 2018, they are invited to submit a manuscript to be included in the Conference Proceedings.

Please use the Microsoft Word manuscript template provided at the conference website. Simply replace the text found in the template with your text. Manuscripts need to be submitted to the website in PDF format. Additional resources for authors regarding style, abbreviations, use of English, etc. can be found at the IEEE Authors Digital Tools. For the length of the paper see below (remarks).

Manuscript submissions will be accepted until July 31, 2018.

The conference proceedings will be made available via ftp to all attendees for a period of 6 months after the paper submission deadline (January 31, 2019). They will not be publicly available and in particular not appear on IEEE Xplore.

Special Issue of IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science on Electromagnetic Launchers

Authors are encouraged to take the opportunity to submit a significantly revised version of their conference paper to the upcoming Special Issue on Electromagnetic Launchers in the IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science (TPS) dedicated to EML 2018. These papers will undergo the standard peer-review process being typical for all IEEE Transactions and Journals.


The policy stated above allows for three options.

  • Option 1: You go for a conference proceedings paper only.
    It means that your paper will be published in the proceedings. There is no limit for the length of your paper. The proceedings will not be publicly available and not peer-reviewed.
  • Option 2: You go for the TPS special issue paper only and do not submit a conference paper.
    It means that your paper has to undergo the IEEE review process. There is no guarantee at all that your paper will be published.
  • Option 3: You go for both a conference paper and a TPS special issue paper.
    Even though the proceedings will not be made publicly available by the organizers of EML 2018, they are confronted with the question how to deal with the IEEE plagiarism tool. This tool does not only search in IEEE data bases but in the entire internet. As the organizers cannot ensure that the proceedings will not be made available to the public by other parties before the peer review has ended they feel obliged to ask you to prepare two versions of your paper. The conference paper should be more compact, the paper length should not exceed 4 pages. In order to meet the requirements of the plagiarism tool, the TPS version of the paper has to have 70% of new material in comparison with the conference paper. In other words: the material presented in the conference paper must not exceed 30% of the material presented in the TPS-version.

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