ISL as innovating binational research institute is very committed to soustainability and environmental protection.

Therefore, the ISL staff has been especially trained (waste sorting, energy saving, ) to contribute to the reduction of Co² and reduce the  CO²-footprint of ISL  

The actual result of 3200 tons of CO² equivalent is mainly due to gas and oil consumption and the use of SF6 Gas for research facilities, SF6 having a very high incidence in the balance.

(22800 kg eqCO2 per kg, source : Base Carbone de l’ADEME).


Our contribution to reduce CO² until 2017.  

  1. Use more renewable energy. ISL has connected its heating system to the central heating plant of Saint-Louis powered by renewable energy (pellets, biomasse)
  2. No more use of SF6 gas and replacement by other ecological procedures.
  3. Promote the use of electric cars. ISL disposes of 2 electric cars
  4. Use energy saving illumination Reduce the emission of fugitive refrigeration gases. No use of R22
  5. Better waste sorting
  6. Promote video conferences to reduce of long distance trips.


Bilan des émissions de gaz à effet de serre de l'ISL

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