ISL's Research and Technology serving the future
French-German Main Ground Combat System

Energetic and advanced protective materials

Advanced protective materials
Lighter and more resistant materials for enhanced protection

Transparent ceramics
From transparent armor to laser materials

Advanced materials and mechanical testing
Powder metallurgy opens possibilities

Flight techniques for projectiles

Micro Air Vehicle for the remote observation of hazardous or inaccessible environments

155-mm long-range fullcalibre guided projectile

Guided Spin-Stabilised Projectile
40-mm calibre projectile

Soft in-Bore Recovery Facility

Exterior ballistics activities at the ISL Open Range test site

Laser and electromagnetic technologies

Medium Energy Laser In the eye-sAfe Spectral domain

Compact inductive pulsed power supply for railguns

Electromagnetic railgun
A disruptive artillery technology

Pulsed Power Semiconductor Device Technology

Protection technologies, security, situational awareness

Drone detection
Acoustic and optical tracking and identification of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

RangE-gaTed Imaging goggle for Nightvision

Detection of Improvised Explosive Devices

IMprovement Of optical and acoustic TEchnologies for Protection

THz detection and spectroscopy
Contactless probing for the characterisation and identification of suspicious molecules

Acoustic protection
Being protected without being isolated

New Generation Earplugs

3D Audio Display
Retrieve the localisation of sound sources in your hearing protection device


B-SAVED concept
Bio-inspired Smart Autonomous Visual Event Detector

Autonomous virtual expert detecting visual events and alerting when necessary

Intelligent Watchdog with Autonomous Recognition and Networkability

Sentinel EOV
Stand-alone area surveillance device

Sentinel EOIR
Stand-alone 24/7 area surveillance device

Long Range Vision
Remote controlled optronic device for hostile environments