We are looking for a Research scientist (m/f),

Head of our department “guidance, navigation, control, and system analysis”.

This department belongs to the division “Flight Techniques for Projectiles”, comprising also aerodynamics, real flight experiments and sensors & communication systems departments. Their research is applied to all kinds of guided projectiles, mostly gun-launched.

The position is challenging as the division’s roadmap schedules ambitious deadlines for demonstrating the feasibility of an innovative long-range guided projectile concept.

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Your Tasks:

  • Develop and maintain, at the highest level, research capabilities in innovative solutions on guidance, navigation and control systems for the needs in guided projectiles, in synergy with the other departments of the division.

  • Develop and maintain, at the highest level, evaluation capabilities of performances of guided projectiles concepts.

  • Leverage the expertise of academic partners, other research institutes and industry to the benefit of the objectives of the department.

  • Engage proactively with industry, so as to anticipate best their needs in terms of research output.

  • Establish the research department program in accordance with the strategy and priorities of the division and with the needs of the French and German Ministries of Defence.

  • Manage, plan and evaluate the research carried out in the department.

  • Monitor closely the research work of the scientists, engineers and PhD students of the department.

The incumbent is expected to carry out personally research, in addition to the management of the department.

The department possesses recognised skills and has developed so far quite innovative Solutions.


Other duties: 

  • Manage the department’s human and financial resources as well as scientific equipment.

  • Optimise the use of the department’s capabilities for the proper execution of the research program.

  • Involve strongly in the department’s life, cohesion and development.

  • Involve strongly in a synergetic approach in particular with the other departments of the division as key for success.

  • Increase the scientific reputation of our Institute through high-level publications, involvement in conferences, external communication, etc.


Your  Profile:

  • PhD in automatic control applied to flight mechanics.

  • At least 10 years of experience in high-level research (with a demonstrated prominence in your scientific community), including the effective management of a research team of 10 collaborators at least.

  • Skills in guidance, navigation and control, and in system analysis for flying vehicles; additionally, skills in flight mechanics, aeroballistics, aerodynamics, mechatronics would be highly desirable.

  • Knowledge in projectile and missile technologies.

  • Organisational skills, ability to work effectively as the leader of the team, communication skills.

  • An effective work experience in a multinational context and experience in managing multi-partners projects would be valued.

  • Excellent command of English; understanding or even ability to express yourself efficiently in one or both of the French and German languages would be of course a very desirable plus.



If these challenges appeal to you and you feel you have the right profile, we are looking forward to receive your complete application mentioning the following keyword “GNC-S”.



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