Development and set up of image processing algorithms for the ISL free flight testing activities



Engineering Sciences - Fluid Mechanics


Master or engineering degree internship (Faculty of Science, School of Engineering)
Signal processing, image processing, programming, aerodynamics
Programming : Matlab / Python / C / Fortran


6 months continuous internship or graduation project

The French-German Research Institute of Saint-Louis (ISL) is a bi-national research organism co-funded by the Federal Republic of Germany and the French Republic. ISL is located in Saint-Louis (68), France and employs today around 380 people, with 200 of them being attached to the scientific sector. It possesses recognized expertise in aerodynamics, flight mechanics, navigation, guidance and control of flying vehicles. The main studies carried out within the Aerodynamics and eXterior Ballistics (ABX) group are associated with experimental tests of free-flight architectures.
The goal of this internship is to test image processing algorithms with experimentally obtained pictures allowing to precisely measure the position and the angular attitude of representative models for supersonic flight. Those models are put in flight inside the ISL indoor range and they are observed and measured at fix positions along the flight line, called “Digital station”. Those stations are equipped with two digital cameras producing frozen model images during its passing-by, thanks to an existing synchronisation system. The final goal is to gather the whole set of images, to process them, to obtain with precision the flight conditions at each digital station and thus to reconstruct the trajectory and attitude point by point.
The student will take part into experimental tests with the ABX (Aerodynamics and eXterior Ballistics) group in order to work with images of real scientific models, produced during the free flight tests. An Ethernet network will be used to communicate with the cameras during each test.
After the image series has been obtained, the core work will start: the student will be in charge of the development and testing of image processing algorithms aiming at generating the instantaneous position and angular attitude of the model at each digital station. In a second time, the student will use the data produced at each digital station to reconstruct the model trajectory. This will lead to the possibility to perform the analysis of each model specific flight dynamic to link it with the steady and unsteady aerodynamic forces and moments.
The student will work in a team for the experiments, while the work on the algorithms will be a personal work supervised by experimented and skilled scientists and engineers.
The candidate will integrate ISL Division II (Flight Techniques for Projectiles) ABX research group. The internship is funded by ISL. ISL disposes of a company restaurant and low-cost accommodations are available close to the institute.

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