Electromagnetic railguns are launchers using very high electrical energy by using the Lorentz force to obtain significantly higher initial velocities than those of chemical guns.

ISL is the leading Research institute in Europe in the domain of electromagnetic railguns. Initiated and lead by ISL, a consortium of several European partners (France, Germany, Poland, Italy and Belgium) has been formed named PILUM (Projectiles for Increased Long-range effects Using Electro-Magnetic railgun) and has applied successfully for a EDA-PADR (Preparatory Action on Defence Research) project. The result has been published by the European Defence Agency in April.

The EDA-PADR PILUM Project will cover a period of two years in order to show the feasibility to construct such an electromagnetic railgun for artillery applications which can reach standoff distances up to 200 km. A possible integration into ships and other military platforms shall also be investigated.  Experimental, simulation and modelling work will be part of the studies to proof the feasibility  for the use of theses railguns. These studies shall be the basis for the definite construction of a Demonstrator within a 8 years term.

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