David MONNIN (AVP) and Nicolas HUOT (SRH) represented ISL at the Innovation Defence Kolloquium which took place in Metz on March 21st, 2019.

This colloquium has been organized by the committee for economics, social affairs and environment (CESER) of the French Region Grand Est.

300 participants with political, economic, academic or military (especially land forces)  background took part at the so called Pitches and round tables, where the last important innovations in the field of defence and armament were presented.

Had been present General Gilles, LILLO, commander of the defence zone Eastern France as well as the prefect of the Region Jean-Luc MARX (both will be visiting ISL on May 22nd) together with Patrick TASSIN, president of the local CESER and the president of the Regional Council Grand Est Jean ROTTNER.

Emmanuel CHIVA, Head of the Defence Innovation Agency –AID, to which ISL is reporting directly – as well as Colonel JUSTEL of the Planification Bureau of the French Land Forces underligned the essential and remarkable role of ISL in the field of innovation and research.