ISL present at the 2021 Defence Innovation Forum (FID 2021) in Paris

With the support of its French supervisory board the Defence Innovation Agency (AID), the French-German Research Institute of Saint-Louis (ISL) will be present at the 3rd edition of the Defence Innovation Forum (FID) which will take place from 25th to 27th November 2021 at the Espace Champerret in Paris. A true showcase of defence innovation in France, this event brings together all government stakeholders and their partners around innovations supported by the Ministry of the Armed Forces.

During this year’s event, ISL will be presenting two innovations focused on the needs of the armed forces enabling them to gain in operational superiority. In the exhibition space A "Imposing oneself to win the war before the war”, ISL will be displaying both the SURICATE and DEEPLOMATICS projects in collaboration with its industrial and state partners.

SURICATE: acoustic surveillance of adverse shots in complex environments, protection of critical infrastructures and convoys

The SURICATE project is a prototype developed by ISL in collaboration with AVNIR Energy and SONORHC Technologies. The project allows the detection and localisation in real time of gunfire in complex environments, such as urban areas, where many operations in crisis situations take place. In this type of situation, the capabilities of standard surveillance systems are hindered by shadings caused by buildings or by the diversity of surveillance configurations.

The innovative SURICATE prototype responds to these challenges using a passive acoustic surveillance approach based on distributed acoustic sensors that capture, process and transmit acoustic information to a command post. The command post ensures the detection and localisation of events of interest. The originality of this ISL innovation lies in its reliability when treating the shading effects of buildings and different types of threats. The system can comprise up to 16 modules, placed up to 200 metres around from the command post.

DEEPLOMATICS: intrusion detection on sites and infrastructures in open spaces and urban areas

The illicit or malicious use of drones is an emerging threat that is currently only partially addressed by anti-intrusion systems. Supported by the Defence Innovation Agency (AID), research has been carried out by a consortium bringing together specialists with complementary skills in acoustics, signal processing, machine learning and optronics.

In this context, ISL has taken a leading role in merging several acoustic and optronic sensors. Initially, the acoustics allow an approximate localisation of the intrusion. Then, this zone is visualised by an optronic system (based on several wavelengths and two fields of view) which allows a precise detection and transmits a zoomed image of the intrusion to the operator. The acquired signals are exploited according to an original method developed in collaboration between ISL and two CNAM laboratories. This method is based on remote artificial intelligence allowing improvement of the perception of threats and the operational situation.

ISL participates in the CENTURION project

ISL is also involved in upstream research aimed at improving the performance of protective equipment for dismounted soldiers. This project allows ISL, in collaboration with industrial partners, to transfer mature innovations from the laboratory to a demonstrator stage. In this context, the Centurion temporary grouping of companies provides a guide and a prospective vision for the integration of innovations within the fighting soldier system.

The CENTURION project is on display in the FID 2021 exhibition space C: "Adapting, innovating to transform".

About ISL

ISL is a binational research institute with 400 employees. It is operated jointly by the French Defence Innovation Agency (AID) and the German Ministry of Defense.

Its mission is to create cost-effective technologies for use by the armed forces in the toughest areas of military confrontation. ISL's innovations protect soldiers by detecting enemy weapons, by reducing the effects of these and by protecting soldiers and their vehicles against the resulting residual effects. In addition, ISL optimises material and energy systems in order to make them safer and more efficient. ISL develops low-cost technological bricks which are essential to future artillery systems and intelligent ammunition. This includes long-range modular solutions with high precision. These innovations take into account defensive and offensive aspects, thus enriching themselves.

Composed of 60% researchers and engineers and around 40 PhD students, ISL’s scientific teams are multi-disciplinary and equipped with state-of-the-art technology. They are active members of an extensive academic network. In direct contact with operational forces on the ground, they are recognised for their innovative experience upstream from industry and in co-development with it.

Come and meet ISL in the FID 2021 exhibition space A: Imposing oneself to win the war before the war”.


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