[04.04.22] ISL participated in DWT congress

ISL participated in this year's 5th edition of the DWT congress "Applied Research for Defence and security” in Germany which took place from 8th to 10th March 2022 in Bonn.

ISL made a significant contribution to the congress by giving presentations on energetic materials and systems, protection of the soldier’s neck, laser technologies, sensor technology, hypersonic research and defence against hypersonic missiles. ISL also presented one poster and exhibited several innovations on its stand.

The new naval model of the electromagnetic railgun is particularly noteworthy. The railgun does not draw its energy from conventional propellant powder, but from an electric energy source. It is able to fire shots at a speed of 3000 kilometres per second (Mach 8) and has a firing range of more than 200 kilometres, providing the armed forces with a suitable air defence against novel threats (e.g. hypersonic missiles).

The congress was also the perfect opportunity for AMT to exhibit some of its innovations: These metal pieces with complex forms have integrated cooling ducts with an aqueous substance. In addition, ISL presented in a series of short video

sequences the project “see around the corner”, the effects of high-energy lasers on a drone, improved protection systems and the innovative detection system "DEEPLOMATICS" which combines complementary skills in acoustics, signal processing, machine learning and optronics. This new system recognises and identifies the unauthorised intrusion of drones into sites and infrastructures in open spaces and urban areas.


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