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As member of the French “Cercle de l’Arbalète”, the French-German Research Institute of Saint-Louis (ISL) will be presenting its newest innovations at the Special Operations Forces Innovation Network Seminar (SOFINS). Held every two years, this unique European event will take place for the sixth time at the Camp de Souges in Martignas-sur-Jalle (Departement Gironde - 33), from 28th to 30th March 2023.

During the exhibition, ISL will be presenting around 10 innovations all specifically designed to meet the needs of the Special Forces. These innovative technologies will be displayed in different places - on ISL’s own stand (D34), on the stand of the French Ministry of Defence (C43-E50) in collaboration with the French Defence Innovation Agency (AID) and in the visionary video SOF&TECH2 “Preuves à haut risque – Operations at high risk”.


Discover 10 ISL innovations and three interactive demonstrations

At the ISL exhibition stand - Demonstration of event-based vision technology, new protection materials and ISL intelligent on-board navigation systems for loitering ammunition.


For the first time ever, ISL will be interactively demonstrating its research findings conducted with event-based vision. This pioneering technology extracts the most crucial visual information from the processed image. Bio-inspired, it ensures unparalleled results in terms of speed, energy consumption and data volume generation. It can be used for automated situational awareness, to track rapid flying objects such as drones and equipped with a semi-active laser designator, it can providing targeting for laser-guided missiles.

Other new technologies to discover on the ISL stand include new ISL advanced materials, ensuring high protection against 9-mm calibre and 7.62x5 ammunition as well as an ISL intelligent on-board navigation system for loitering ammunition.

At the exhibition stand of the French Ministry of Defence two new complementary and convergent ISL-technologies -SURICATE and PACOPAC


At the exhibition stand of the French Ministry of Defence (C43-E50), visitors can learn during live interactive demonstrations how the two sensor systems detect and localise acoustic signals from gunshots or explosions.

SURICATE: surveillance technology with fixed acoustic sensors. This prototype has been jointly developed by ISL, SONORHC and AVNIR Energy. It can detect and locate gunshots in real-time. The system can provide protection in open-field military conflicts as well as urban warfare (against sniper or artillery threats) and in the event of terrorist attacks or accidental explosions. The system is of interest not only to Special Forces and the defence industry, but also to actors in the field of civil security.

PACOPAC: This sensor network is spread over several mobile devices. It significantly increases the quality of both hearing protection and communication as well as advanced connected awareness for a group of moving soldiers. Smartphones serve as interface. They process the soldier’s signals and combine them with the information regarding the threat’s location.

Four ISL innovations in the futuristic 3D animation film "Preuves à haut risque – operations at high risk"


Produced by the French “Cercle de l’Arbalète”, this forward-looking animated film provides a vision of how technological innovations will be used in future conflicts. The Special Forces are supported by innovative technology including four ISL produced systems:

  • Sentinelle - an autonomous, efficient and flexible surveillance device used for reconnaissance missions in hostile areas.
  • Long Distance Vision (LDV) - a mobile optoelectronic video camera with remote control which enables the user to conduct risky observation and reconnaissance missions from a safe distance.
  • ISL active imaging - a portable display device providing high-resolution images even in case of bad weather conditions, improving the situational awareness of soldiers.
  • ISL flexible protection materials – based on new biological or bio-inspired fibres including innovative textures, these provide increased protection while maintaining optimal flexibility. These can also be used as integrated sensors to transmit information to a connected electronic data management.

We would like to meet you at the ISL exhibition stand D34 and at the stand of the French Ministry of Defence (C43 E50). Don’t miss ISL innovations featuring in the film SOF&TECH2 “Preuves à haut risque – Operations at high risk”. 

Interested in photos of our innovations? Don’t hesitate to ask.

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