From March 28 to 30, 2017, ISL will expose its last results in research dedicated to special forces when meeting them at the SOFINS fair near Bordeaux.

This will be the occasion  for special forces to discover  some of the last prototypes ISL developped together with industrial partners:

  • BANG : a new generation of hearing protection with talk-through function, which garantees an enhanced communication capability.
  • B-SAVED : a highly secured, intelligent  autonomous visual event sensor. It is equipped with two cameras offering a foveal and a panoramic vision.
  • SMARTCAM : An  intelligent  camera capable of recocknizing  the detected event and acting in consequence.
  • I-WARN : an electronic camouflaged sentinelle  for active zone surveillance.

We will be hosting at our booth:

  • The Cotral laboratory produces costumized hearing protections. BANG is going to be industrialized by Cotral.

Stand A20 – ISL
Camp de Souge – 33127 Martignas - France