On April 28, 2017, two eminent scientists in Chemistry and members of the French Academy of Sciences will give a conference at ISL,  the French-German research institute of Saint-Louis.

Jean-Pierre SAUVAGE, Nobel Prize winner for Chemistry 2017 will give a conference on the topic “ from the chemical topology to molecular machines”.

He will be followed by Pierre BRAUNSTEIN with a conference on the topic “hybrid ligands: complex metals, catalysts and precursors of nanomaterials”.

Prof. Dr. Jean-Pierre SAUVAGE and Prof. Dr. Pierre BRAUNSTEIN are both members of the French Academy of Sciences and emeriti of the Strasbourg University.

The close cooperation of ISL and UNISTRA has been the reason that both scientists have accepted to present their work to ISL staff and invited guests.

Access to the conference is limited and only possible after registration. Please contact us for registration proceedings.


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