From Mai 15 to Mai 17, 2018, ISL will host the second Workshop on Ageing effects in protective systems, components and materials.

Modern soldier protection systems (armored vehicles, personal protection equipment, etc.) use high-performance materials, often composed of material combinations of ceramic, metallic and polymeric layers. A well balanced interaction between these different layers plays a major role in obtaining the specified protection system performances. Normally, demonstration of the initial performances is part of the procurement process (STANAG 4569, 2920, 4686, NIJ, etc.). During military operations the deployed equipment is often exposed to harsh environmental conditions (large temperature changes, moisture, UV-exposal, vibrations, etc.) leading to enhanced ageing effects, influencing their protective properties. A full understanding of these effects – which requires a comprehensive approach to combine material science and terminal ballistic effects – is the first step to the definition of technological and methodological tools to help nations and industry to anticipate and manage this situation.

This workshop will bring together researchers, state representatives and industrial experts from France and Germany, as well as international cooperation partners, to discuss the different aspects of material ageing in protective structures.

The workshop will cover a broad area of the topic, ranging from ageing effects in personal protection devices and vehicle protection to possible techniques, allowing the detection of these effects. Presentations are solicited in the following subjects:

Experimental quantification of the problem
Ageing effects in

  • Polymers and composites
  • Adhesives
  • Transparent armor
  • Metals/Welds

Blast and terminal ballistic performance in aged structures
Destructive/Non-destructive testing techniques

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