​The first “Forum Innovation Défense 2018" (former Forum Innovation DGA) will take place in Paris “Cité de la mode et du design) on November 22, 23 and 24, 2018.

The Forum will be a meeting place for industry, small and medium enterprises, start-ups, scientist, investors, representatives of public entities, students, think tanks. They will exchange their ideas in order to prepare the future equipment of armed forces. Projects  and innovative actions, developed or within the Ministry of Defence but also industrial technologies for the future logistics program of the Armed Forces (clothing, nourishment, administration….)

ISL will present the following projects:

  • Biomecanics – Blast: comprehension of the lesion effects due to the surpressure during the blast wave of an explosion 
  • Detection and tracking of minidrones
  • STAMINA: navigation by imaging, autonomous driving without GPS – with live demonstration
  • Spray Flash Evaporation procedure / Presentation of the startup entity Spinofrin
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