Proving ground for tests in ballistics, detonics, akustics, visionics Proving ground
  • detonics
  • ballistics
  • acoustics
  • visionics
Aerodynamics Aerodynamics
  • trisonic wind tunnel
  • high-enthalpy facilities
ballistics Ballistics
  • internal
  • intermediate
  • external
  • terminal ballistics
Material processing and charakterisation Material processing and characterisation
  • Hopkinson Bars
  • SPS Sintering device
  • HIP
  • vacuum furnace
Microscopes and diffractometers for research in materials Microscopy & diffractometry
  • microstructural characterisation
  • structural characterisation
Spectrometers Spectrometry
  • optical spectrometry
  • mass spectrometry
  • Raman
Laser sources Laser sources
  • matter-laser interaction
clean room for semiconductor wafer processing and device fabrication Cleanroom
  • design of electronic components
Anechoic chambers Anechoic chambers
  • acoustics
  • electromagnetics
Workshop for the manufactoring of prototypes and equipment Manufactoring of prototypes and equipment
  • molding
  • machining
  • assembling
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