High power industry laser sources

High power industry laser sources are used to study the physical and chemical degradation of materials when subjected to a laser beam.

A fibre is coupled to the wind tunnel to conduct laser-matter-interaction tests under flight conditions.

Technical features

  • IPG 10 kW continuous ; Ytterbium fiber coupled with 4 outputs
  • Cheval 1.5 kW, pulsed, Nd:YAG, 4 outputs

Metrology laser sources

Three laser sources are used to characterise the nonlinear optical properties of the nanoparticle systems and any optical device.

Technical features

  • Quantel Brilliant 20 Hz, Nd:YAG , 4 nanosecond pulses up to 300 mJ (fundamental mode)
  • Ekspla PL2220, mode-locked Nd:YAG, 30 picosecond pulses up to 2 mJ at a repetition rate of 1 kHz
  • Ekspla PG750: OPO, 120 µJ pulses of 30 picosecond at a rate of 1 kHz in the 1,3 to 5 µm spectral Region
optical spectrometer

The FS laser is used as source for two free-space THz spectrometers for measurements in transmission/reflection geometry.

Using the same laser source, a THz near field microscope has been built.

By placing the movable detector unit at a distance of ~30 µm from the sample, near-field imaging with a spatial resolution of 5 µm and a bandwidth up to 3 THz is possible.

Technical features

  • Toptica FemtoFiber pro NIR laser, 780 nm/1560 nm, output power > 140 mW/350 mW, pulse width < 100 fs, repetition rate 80 MHz
Toptica FemtoFiber pro NIR laser source
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