The ISL has a technical service which is equipped with facilities and machine tools to manufacture prototypes, test equipment and consumable parts to be used by the research groups.

Our workshops are, among others, equipped with the following machines:

  • Conventional lathes
    operation capacity ≤Ø450x2500
  • CNC lathes including a 5-axis lathe
    operating capacity ≤ Ø410x1200
  • Conventional milling machines
    operation capacity ≤ Ø1500x700x550
  • CNC milling machines and a 5-axis machining center
    operating capacity ≤1200x600x610
  • EDM drilling machine
    operating capacity ≤Ø0.2 à Ø4 x 340
  • Surface grinder
    operating capacity ≤500x250x300
  • Cylindrical grinder
    operating capacity ≤ Ø300x1000
  • Water jet cutter
    operating capacity ≤ Ø3050x1550
  • Power shear
    metal sheets up to 8x2500
  • Machines and devices for cutting materials, welding
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