ISL participates in the 2023 Defence Innovation Forum (FID) in Paris showcasing its innovations for the armed forces

With the support of its French supervisory board the Defence Innovation Agency (AID), the French-German Research Institute of Saint-Louis (ISL) is taking part in the 4th edition of the Defence Innovation Forum (FID) from 23rd to 25th November 2023 at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. A major event for those involved in defence innovation, the FID brings together researchers, engineers, key industrial contractors and investors focussing on the flagship projects supported by the French Ministry of Defence.

At this year’s event, ISL will be presenting three innovations designed to meet the future needs of the armed forces and enhance their operational performance and superiority.

In the exhibition space A “Winning on all fronts”, ISL will be exhibiting two projects: Top Attack Projectile (TAP) and Event-based vision.

Top Attack Projectile (TAP): dynamic guidance algorithms for agile munition


funjet before impact

The Top Attack Projectile (TAP) project provides munition with a dynamic attack trajectory and exploits the vulnerabilities of modern armour. Although the armour of battle tanks has improved significantly in recent decades, the top surfaces of the tank, particularly the turret top, represent an area of vulnerability. The TAP guidance algorithms, developed by ISL, enable extremely precise attack trajectories to be achieved through the roof and can be adapted to attack targets from other angles.

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Event-based vision: disruptive, bio-inspired vision to meet new challenges in contested environments

05 Vision

This innovation, presented in the form of an interactive drone detection demonstration, is a disruptive technology that perceives the situation by capturing the essential visual information in the scene. Inspired by biology, this technology sets new performance standards in terms of speed, energy consumption and volume of data generated. It can be used for automatic situation analysis, to detect and track fast-moving objects such as drones, and for terminal guidance using semi-active laser designation.

For more information: https://www.isl.eu/documents/flyers/EN/48_VisionEvenementielle_EventCamera_EN.pdf

Dans l’espace C « Transformer : Innover pour la performance », l’ISL présente son troisième projet : RRaTRAAP

RRaTRAAP: Robust software defined radio GNSS reception and switched antenna arrays for projectiles


This project combines two distinct and autonomous technological building blocks: annular antenna sub-arrays for switching according to the roll position of the projectile and a Software Defined Radio (SDR) GNSS receiver with spatial filtering capabilities. This innovative combination with enhanced rejection performance, embedded on a munition, enables the projectile to hit its target with precision while being more resistant to jamming or spoofing.

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