Anechoic acoustic chambers

The acoustic chambers are measurement laboratories used to test acoustic sources, sensors and audio equipments in various controlled conditions of the acoustic environment.

Technical features

  • Acoustic insulation > 60 dB for frequencies > 100 Hz
  • Reflection coefficient < 10 % for frequencies > 500 Hz
  • Cutoff frequency for mechanical vibrations fc = 100 Hz

In complement, ISL is also using a reverberation room for tests in a very noisy environment with random incidence sound field (e.g. simulation of an helicopter cabin interior noise for testing hearing protection and communication devices) and audiometric rooms for subjective audio tests (i.e. for sound localisation and audio 3D tests).

Multi-Probe Near-Field Antenna Measurement System

This facility is dedicated to the measurements of active and passive antennas. The high-speed measurement of a complete radiation in 3D lasts about five minutes.

Technical features

  • Antenna characterisation (gain, directivity, radiation diagrams, polarisation, level of lobes, efficiency)
  • Arch with 23 probes and goniometer
  • Max. diameter of the tested antenna: 1.34 m
  • Max. weight of the tested antenna: 50 kg
  • Frequency range: from 0.6 to 6.0 GHz
ISL antenna measurement test facility

Tests for High Power Microwave (HPM) experiments

The provided attenuation factor allows to radiate electromagnetic fields in the GW peak power range inside the laboratory without risks for human health or electronic devices. It is possible to characterize high power sources and to perform vulnerability tests with various targets.

Technical features

  • Attenuation factor: > 100 dB from 100 MHz to 2 GHz
  • Full anechoic or half anechoic configuration
  • Size : 12.45 m x 5.45 m x 2.95 m
  • Additional Faraday cage


  • high end in-house developments
  • ultrafast oscilloscopes: 80 Gs/s on 2 channels
ISL high power microwaves tests
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